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PRA Health Sciences Launches Pediatric Site Network

RALEIGH, N.C., Nov. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PRA Health Sciences (PRA) is pleased to announce the launch of its new Pediatric Site Network (PSN). PSN is a series of key pediatric research centers around the world which will allow PRA to improve pediatric clinical development and enhance access to novel medicines for the pediatric population. PRA has formalized relationships with centers in the EU, U.S. and Israel, with plans to expand to Latin America and Asia Pacific.

PRA’s Center for Pediatric Clinical Development, with its highly skilled experts in pediatric clinical trial design and implementation, is the focal point and repository for PRA’s global pediatrics knowledge. As part of the Center’s continual growth, the PSN will incorporate research-minded medical centers that will inform and assist our approach to pediatric trials. 

While traditional commercial site networks for adult trials tend to focus solely on recruiting patients, there are distinct and expanded needs for a pediatric-focused site network.  Most pediatric patients with acute indications are treated by specialists tied to a tertiary referral center, increasing the need for and value of a pediatric site network. The PSN will augment PRA’s expertise with their innovative approaches, and insights into the needs of pediatric patients and their families. This will enhance PRA’s ability to work with sponsors to design and execute more efficient and patient-friendly pediatric studies.

“Our goal is to bring innovation to pediatric clinical design,” said Mark Sorrentino, MD, Vice President, Center for Pediatric Clinical Development. “Through the power of our collective expertise and strategic partnerships, the PSN will allow us to provide improved access to new medicines for the pediatric patient population and a unique ability to contribute to the drug development process.”

The geographic scope of the PSN enables PRA to work alongside clients to tailor their studies to attain the broadest acceptability; provide access to patients with geographically-dependent incidences; and offer a global team of highly specialized, patient focused experts who can advise clients on protocol development across multiple regions. PRA is positioned to assess new drugs across a wide range of medical cultures as well as bring new treatment options to the pediatric patient population.

It is a little-known fact that nearly three-quarters of all medicines prescribed for children have only been studied in adults. As a result, most drugs used to treat diseases in children are used off-label. While there are pediatric clinical trial regulations in place, testing drugs in children continues to present considerable scientific, clinical, ethical and logistical challenges.

“With the PSN, we are investing in strategic relationships that will provide PRA with a better view into the patient journey,” added Sorrentino. “Our partnership with KOLs and centers with a deep understanding of pediatric patient flow and protocol optimization enables us to provide unique insights to our clients.”

PRA has been part of 130+ clinical and 50+ non-clinical studies involving over 14,000 pediatric patients across 6,700+ sites in the last five years. PRA has participated in pivotal or supportive trials that led to the approval of 12 important pediatric drugs currently on the market.


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